Açaezi in a Bowl: Add 4 tea spoons of Açaezi (approx.
20g) and mix in a blender with 100ml of chilled water then
add frozen fruit (banana, mixed berries, mango or other -
approx. 250g). Blend all together until a creamy texture is
created, taste and add sugar, honey or another sweetener
of your liking, now it is ready to serve with your favourite
Açaezi Smoothie: Repeat the same process for Açaezi in
a Bowl but instead of 100ml of chilled water and 250g of
frozen fruit, this time add 150ml of chilled water and 150g
of frozen fruit.
Açaezi Juice: Blend 4 tea spoons, approx. 20g of Açaezi
powder, add sugar to your liking and mix with 250ml of
chilled water (1 cup), stir until the powder is completely
dissolved. Blend with ice and/or berries/fruits and it is
ready to serve.

Açaí Organic Pownder 100g

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