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The taste of Brazil in your home

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Brazil Express BR was registered on the 30th of January, 2009 to import Brazilian products destined to the Brazilian community living in New Zealand, which it defines as nostalgia (ethnic market).

In recent years our company has been expanding its activities, importing products to the general market for Oceania and in some cases with own brand.

If you wish to open your own business bringing products with Brazilian origin, we offer the whole structure needed in Brazil through our company Brazil Express BR.

Contact us at anytime for evaluation of your project!


To be a reference in the commerce between Brazil and New Zealand


Find market for Brazilian products in New Zealand and offer products for the Brazilian community living in this Country.


Brazil Express BR

BRAZIL EXPRESS BR aims to foster business and to facilitate access to products and services by keeping Brazil always close to the fellow compatriots living around the world.

It is an Exporting Commercial that operates in the purchase, packaging, clearance and ship containers in Brazilian ports.


BRAZIL TRADE, Company with the participation of Brazil Group, dedicated to structured business 

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